Helping dogs and owners where others won’t!

Struggling with aggressive behaviour?  Have you been told to kill your dog?  Maybe you’re just struggling to enjoy your walks instead of being pulled around?  In any case, we will help you find balance and peace with your best friend so you can fully enjoy being with them!

Specializing in large & working breeds, aggression, fear & any severe behaviour issue.

At K9 Balance, our goal is to communicate with dogs as clearly as possible in a way that makes the most sense to them.  We strive to be as gentle as possible and as firm as necessary while guiding and teaching the desired behaviours we/our clients would like from them.

We have a very balanced training philosophy and focus a lot on relationship based training. This means we work with the dog in front of us in whatever way works best for them.  We work on building a relationship with gentle leash communication and often hand feeding in the beginning, we get to know the individual and help them get to know and trust us.  If they love food, we will use some food to reward as part of the training process (we do not allow dogs to become reliant on food! Your dog should come when called whether you have food or not.), if they love tug, fetch or just some freedom to sniff things, we use those as rewards.

K9 Balance is located on 100 acres of fields and hardwood forests on top of Blue Mountain, just 15 min. from Collingwood and an hour from Barrie, Owen Sound and Midland.


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