Helping & supporting struggling owners & misunderstood dogs across Canada 

Specialists in dog psychology & behaviour, we help with everything from puppy raising to addressing severe behaviour issues.

Are you struggling with aggressive/fearful/difficult behaviours?  Have you been told to drug and/or kill your dog?  Maybe you’re just struggling to enjoy your walks instead of being yanked around?  

Whether helping you raise your pup into a well behaved & balanced adult or helping you repair a damaged relationship & correcting troubling issues, we will help you find balance and peace with your best friend so you can fully enjoy being with them!

At K9 Balance, we are committed to providing results & our clients continued success.  We only work with owners who are truly invested in their dogs success and giving them their best life by providing their needs first & a focus on whole mind & body wellness.

Read more about us & what we do!

Know you’re ready to get the help you need but not sure where to start?  We do have details on our services, our philosophy, some pricing of our most common programs as well as an FAQ page here and lots of videos on Instagram and Facebook (links below) of us working with so many of our clients. 

If you’ve checked us out and you feel you would like to work with us to achieve the relationship you want/need with your dog, you can either contact us via the contact form or you can go straight to our client account server to create an account and request a consultation so we can get started by speaking or meeting and going through the details of your situation and what program(s) would be best for you.

K9 Balance is located on 100 acres of fields and hardwood forests on top of Blue Mountain, just 15 min. from Collingwood & 60 min. from Barrie, Owen Sound and Midland.

Watch Us Training via the links below!

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