Board & Train

A board and train is a fantastic way to put a good foundation on any dog (any age) and is also sometimes the best way to start tackling a severe behaviour issue. Please realize that doing a board and train does not mean that they will magically be completely fixed and that you don’t need to do any work. Working with YOU is an extremely important part of the process and the success of the training. Quite often dogs will try and revert to their old ways when they come back into their old environment, they will push to see what they can get away with because they did before. This is why we provide private training as part of the B&T program. At the end of their stay, we do a private session with you and go over the things you need to practice with your dog for the next couple weeks until we have our first follow up session. 

What is the main thing that makes our training & rehab programs different from so many others?  

Our continued LIFETIME support! 

Included in ALL B&T programs:  Training equipment (remote collar included), place cot, 2 private training sessions (additional sessions IF needed, travel fee in home, free at farm), written homework/reminders, video clips of training process, 50% off group classes and LIFETIME support.

Balanced Foundation Stay & Learn (2-3 weeks)

This program includes:  basic manners ie. sitting waiting with eye contact at doorways, sit, down (taught with implied stay), leash manners, ‘place’, distraction proofing and improved command duration, beginning recall, and out (drop), handling (calming for nail trims, vet checks etc).

Complete Foundation Stay & Learn (3-4 weeks)

This program includes everything from Balanced Foundation PLUS, reliable recall (proofed with distractions), improved ‘place'(proofed with more distractions) and socialization with dogs and people/places (trips to town/stores).

Severe Behaviour Rehab (4-8 weeks)  

Length and pricing of behaviour rehab depends on each individual case. Please inquire and book a consult.

This program includes everything from Complete Foundations PLUS, addressing specific issues such as human and/or dog aggression, resource guarding, fear and anxieties, we work to turn around these issues everyday!

Private Training – Farm & In home available

These sessions will vary depending on what the issue is. Every dog is different and you need to figure out what is best for that particular dog. If it’s a puppy generally,we’ll start right away with showing you the basics and have you practice, and we’ll go over any questions or concerns you may have about raising/training a puppy. If we are dealing with specific issues – again, the sessions will be a little different for each individual dog/family. In any case, I will be teaching you how to work with your dog, gain their respect and trust and keep them balanced and happy… to be a Pack Leader! All sessions come with an individualized program so you can remember everything we’ve worked on and of course email and phone help are continually available.

Pack & Private Dog Walks

Currently on hold while we are expanding. Please inquire if this is something you’re looking for.  We hope to have this service back up and running soon.

Whether you just need your best friend to get out for some extra exercise during the day or your dog is struggling with issues of any kind, the first step to having a balanced and fulfilled dog is a structured walk!  Offering once again, our long missed dog walking!  Pack and private walks available in The Blue Mountains, Collingwood and Thornbury and surrounding area!

NEW Puppy Specific Programs

Start your puppy off on a balanced track to being a balanced adult dog! Puppies are capable of much more than just doing ‘tricks’ for food for 6 months. They are sponges, they want to learn and they want to be doing something! Yes, puppies have a short attention span, therefore, training sessions are often done 5-15 min at a time rewarded with play and done multiple times throughout the day. Even when we’re not doing specific little obedience sessions, the pup is still always learning what it can and can’t do!  In one to two weeks if worked with regularly they are perfectly capable of having a basic understanding of sit, down, drop/leave, come, waiting for food and at doors and starting to walk nicely on leash!

Crate training is extremely important in the puppy training process! This helps them learn to be separate from you sometimes, it helps them learn to hold their bladder, it keeps them safe from things like toxic houehold items when you cannot supervise, and it gives them a safe place to go if they’re feeling tired or overwhelmed by company or children. Also having a crate trained dog gives you the freedom of traveling to pet friendly locations but keeping them out of trouble in the new room or being able to leave them for boarding places like here!

For examples on what puppies are capable of learning please see the Facebook page for lots of videos!

Puppy Basic Foundation (10-14 days)

This program includes crate training, beginning leash manners & puppy manners (mouthing, jumping etc), learning calming & thresholds (waiting nicely at crate door, house door & for food), prep for nail trims/handling (ie. for vet, groomers), basics of sit, down, out/drop.  

Puppy Improved Foundation (2-3 weeks)

This program includes everything from Basic Foundation PLUS, adding ‘place’ command,  socialization with dogs, people and places, adding distractions with sit/down (taught with stay being implied), out/drop & beginning recall understanding.

Ultimate Puppy Program: Raise a balanced dog

3 Board & trains over the course of your pups first year plus the private follow ups that come with the regular b&t’s.  Get the assistance, guidance & knowledge you need to raise the dog you want!

2-4 months old: 10 day B&T plus 1-2 privates

5-8 months old: 16 day B&T plus 1-2 privates

9-12 months old: 16 day B&T plus 1-2 privates

Low Level Remote Training Programs

Incorporating an e collar into training makes timing much more precise and gives dogs a much faster, clearer understanding of what we’re asking! Of course a good old fashioned leash foundation is extremely important before introducing the low sensation of the e collar. This IS NOT shocking a dog! The last thing I want to do is harm an animal! I encourage all of my clients who are going to go for this, or even if they’re not, to try it on themselves and see. In most cases the dogs working level is between a 6 and a 12 out of 100 levels, I can’t start feeling any sensation until about 15 and at that point it almost feels like a tickle. Also, these are NOT the same collars as the ones in our petstores around here, most of those are much harsher even at level one and that is not what I want. This is not to scare or cause pain! It is to communicate more clearly.

Part of the reason I love being able to incorporate low level remote training is the ease of training with it for owners and the speed at which they can then also have an off leash reliable dog. Just like any tool, the goal is to eventually not need it anymore but I know many who love having that added peice of mind that just in case they didn’t listen that one time, they can stop them from being hit by a car or prevent a dog fight or the killing of a small animal.

If you would like more information on this type of training, please book a consult so I can show you in person and you can decide for yourself what the best approach is for you and your dog.


All breeds and other animals welcome

Boarding is done in a home-like building next to our house on 100 beautiful acres of fields and forest trails.  I try to keep it to about 10 clients here at a time so that everyone gets the proper daily attention and exercise.  They get more exercise and play daily here then they do on a daily basis at home (in majority of cases).  Dogs staying here get 2-3 walks/day as well as playtimes.  Boarding with me was mainly for those who are already clients but, with our new building, we are now taking on new boarding clients!  We do generally get booked rather quickly, especially for peak holiday times so please inquire in advance to ensure your space at K9 Balance Blue Mountain! 

On the intake form you will find many different add ons are available, such as daily frozen pb & yogurt kongs, pre drop off bath and or brush and massage sessions, training sessions and even MOVIE NIGHTS! 

I will also board a cat or two providing they are social as I do not have a separate space for them, they will be staying with my cats (who are very social).

Any animal can be discussed for overnight care as I have experience with most pets (parrots and other birds, all small animals/rodents, snakes etc).  We ourselves own an african grey, 2 cockatoos, 3 rabbits, 2 cats and the 4 personal dogs… and 16 hens and all help out with the dog training!

Group Classes

Please inquire about the next set!

Think you know about group classes?  Have you been kicked out of a group class or isolated because of your dogs behaviour?  Your dog only listens in a classroom?

You haven’t been to a K9 Balance group class!

All of our group classes (except remote collar class) start with one 45-60 min. private session.  There’s often a lot of questions in the beginning plus you need things to work on at home as well as in training class, this way we can make the most of the group classes with some individual concerns already addressed.

We do start out in a class room with limited distractions but as we progress, we move you outside into the real world to help you where you actually spend time with your dog everyday!

We have certain things to go over each class to help you with the most important commands but we also tailor what we can to individuals.  So, if your dog is an anxious mess in the presence of other dogs, you might spend a whole class doing something different than everyone else – exercises specifically to help your dog get comfortable with the other dogs moving around.

We have a class for dogs 5 months and under and a class for dogs 6 months and over as well as a remote collar specific class.  

In both the Puppy Foundation and the Back to Balanced, we will focus on a solid ‘place’ command, leash manners, sit, down, out/drop and/or leave it, off  and come.  What?  No Stay?  Nope!  Stay is implied with your place, sit and down commands!

The main difference between these two classes is the expectations and duration and of course with the young pups, they need a little more play added into their class.

The Offleash Freedom Remote Collar class is for dogs 6 months or older who have completed and passed the Back to Balance or completed and excelled the Puppy Foundation.  This class is also great for those who have completed some private training already and are looking to continue their practice around other dogs in a controlled setting. 

Not everyone will be using the same tools, everyone will learn about different training tools and how they work and we will encourage everyone to try out all of them as well.

Email us to find out the next start dates and get your name on the list!

Choosing The Right Dog

Choosing the right dog to bring into your household can be difficult. There’s a lot of things to look at, adoption, reputable breeders, different breeds, energy levels and grooming needs!! If you are having trouble knowing what would be right for you, just ask! I can go to shelters and/or breeders with you to assess behavior and temperaments and guide you in different breed tendencies, drives and energy.

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