We have found Justine to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and approachable whenever we have had further questions

We are very pleased to be able to write this testimonial for Justine.  Last fall we were at our wits end with our 2 year old Australian Shepherd – Keegan.  Keegan is a great dog… smart, well trained, great with people, did we say smart (oh we did) BUT…he was very dog aggressive.

We really wanted to add a new puppy to our family (another Aussie)  but were told by other dog trainers Keegan would not accept another dog into the family and worse… his aggressive reaction towards others dogs could not be rehabilitated! This was a severe concern for us and we made the very difficult decision to try to re-home Keegan. We started to contact rescues to see if someone could take him.

That’s when Justine offered her services to us, to come and observe Keegan to determine whether or not she thought he could be rehabilitated.

During our initial meeting Justine did something that no one else had done, which was take the leash and actually show us how Keegan was capable of acting when given the proper messages by the handler. (we all learned something that day!) Keegan responded so well to Justine we were amazed. Justine assured us that Keegan was dominant not truly aggressive and if we worked on a few basic things with Keegan he could be rehabilitated and she left us after that first very session with renewed hope and some manageable homework. She followed up our session with a written outline of the exercises we should do with Keegan and kept in contact to ask us how everything was going.

To make a long story short, with Justine’s expert advice and help, Keegan is much better and we were able to introduce a new Aussie pup to our family at Christmas time. Justine came to make sure the pups were introduced in the best possible way…and the rest is history. Keegan and Oakley are best friends… We have found Justine to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and approachable whenever we have had further questions about Keegan or Oakley! This winter we were completely comfortable hiring Justine to come into our house and take both dogs out for a walk on a day when no one could get home in the middle of the day. She even took the time to bandage Keegan’s foot when he had a cut on the bottom of his paw and I’m sure our bouncy, little Aussie puppy is better at walking on a leash because of those walks with Justine!

Thank you Justine…for taking the initiative to contact us…for sharing your philosophy about dog training with us and teaching us. We are a better (and bigger) pack because of you.

Ken and Debbie W.

(and Keegan and Oakley too!!)

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