Training Tools

Training Tools: Pros & Cons

These are the main/most common tools being used by dog owners and professionals and their pros and cons and potential for injury.

While we have our preferences for tools, we remain open to the use of all of them, depending on the situation and individual in front of us, in order to achieve the best results for the dog and their owner.  We want a happy dog that also listens well and that is very doable no matter the tool or if they need to be corrected.  Corrections DO NOT equal abuse, there is a huge difference, part of which is the intent of the human (or dog) applying the correction.


Prong/pinch Collars:
Best option for hard pullers, exuberant high drive dogs.



Choke/slip/dominant dog collars (chain and nylon):
Best option for fearful, sensitive dogs or working a dog through dog aggression.




Martingale collars


Harnesses (‘no pull’ and regular)


Face Collars
(Halti/Gentle Leader/canny collars)


Citronella collars



Flat buckle collars



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